Mission Zero gathers safety enthusiasts at the festival and new members join the initiative

July 17, 2023

On July 14, a safety [enthusiast] festival of the Mission Zero initiative was held at the BOTC Training training ground. At the festival, the representatives of the initiative’s participating companies gathered, whose daily duties are to ensure the development of an appropriate health protection and occupational safety policy in the company and its implementation in all the core business processes of the company, implementing practical solutions. It was an opportunity for the participants of the event to network, discuss daily challenges in the field of safety, search for solutions to them together, share knowledge, experience and practices that companies are proud of, as well as failures so that they are not repeated by others, and be inspired by each other.

Mission Zero was joined by four new members of the initiative – the Charter of Mission Nulle was signed by Rīgas Dzemdību nams SIA, Rīgas ūdens SIA, Sabiedrisko pakalpojumu regulēšanas komisija and SilJa SIA.