Quality Control and Laboratories

SCHWENK has one of the highest quality standards globally. We understand the importance of high quality building materials in implementation of any project, therefore, we divert utmost attention to quality control in all stages of the production cycle.

Concrete quality control is performed in a laboratory, testing both ready-made products and raw materials. Before production process we thoughtfully test the raw material – quality of aggregates, cement and various additives. Laboratory determines also optimal proportion of the aggregates that should be added to ready-mix, as it largely determines product quality.

SCHWENK concrete is certified and complies with international quality standards – licence issued by the accredited certification company "Kiwa Inspecta". Ready-mix products are manufactured accordingly to mix-designs in frame of the existing construction legislation of Latvia. Ratios of ready-mix ingredients are determined with the help of computer program allowing to select the correct ready-mix formula for a specific construction goal.

Control certificates of the SCHWENK ready-mix plant manufacturing process: