Ready-Mix Deliveries

SCHWENK has one of the biggest ready-mix delivery fleets in Riga – 34 ready-mix trucks and 14 different size ready-mix pumps. Due to extensive delivery network and location of plants, we can secure stable and fast delivery of ready-mix also under intensive construction market conditions.

Our fleet includes pumps with length of the boom from 16 to 47 metres. It allows pouring ready-mix into narrow and hard-to-reach places, as well as large-scale objects requiring pouring of ready-mix comparatively far and high from the pump working area. For the smaller scale concreting works, we use a ready-mix pump based on the ready-mix mixer with the pumping height up to 24 m, amount of transported ready-mix up to 5 m3. In a limited access sites we use a compact ready-mix pump with the height of boom 16 m. In large-scale objects requiring concreting works with ready-mix pipe line, we use a stationary pump.

SCHWENK ready-mix pumps and trucks


Ready-mix dispatcher

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