Bulk Cement

SCHWENK manufactures a wide range of high quality bulk cement and supplies it to customers in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belorussia, Finland and Sweden.

Cement manufactured in Brocēni is used in making various concrete constructions, bridges, panels, reinforced concrete and concrete paving units, ready-mix and building of high endurance objects, for example, bridges and building foundations.

We offer various types of bulk cement.

Bulk cement types

CEM I 42.5 N – SR3
CEM I 42.5 R
CEM I 52.5 N
CEM II/A-LL 52.5 N
CEM II/B-M (S-LL) 52,5 N

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Cement Sales contacts

Head of Cement Sales and Industrial Materials

Ilonija Audere
Mob. phone: + 371 29498787

Cement Sales Representative

Elmārs Olšteins
Mob. phone: + 371 27057472

SCHWENK Eesti OÜ Managing director

Sergejs Mironovs
Mob. phone: + 372 5209575