Nature protection and preservation

SCHWENK Latvija manufactures wide range of certified aggregates for road construction, agriculture and construction. Manufacturing takes place in six quarry farms in compliance with environmentally friendly quarry maintenance principles and nature reserves, implementing responsible re-cultivation, flora and fauna variety preservation principles.

Quarry re-cultivation

We always maintain balance between the manufacturing needs and preservation of natural values. Accordingly to Latvian legislation, all SCHWENK Latvija quarries have an approved re-cultivation plan.

Where applicable, re-cultivation takes place already during the quarry development period. For example, partial re-cultivation is implemented in the clay quarry Caunes and limestone quarry Kūmas – levelling of soil is performed and forest planted. In quarry Kūmas in the area of 8.6 hectares birches, grey alder and black alder are planted. It is planned that after 45 years oak trees will replace alder stands. We have calculated that within the lifetime forest will accumulate 826 tons of CO2.

Other projects and initiatives

We are proud to be one of the greenest plants in Europe where trees are growing, rose gardens blossom and green lawn delights the sight alongside industrial manufacturing areas.

Several times a year SCHWENK Latvija employees come together in a joint work – to plant, landscape territory and make the surrounding area more beautiful.

Knowledge gives power and inspires to act, therefore SCHWENK Latvija is actively involved in the promoting of understanding about environmentally sound issues. We organise excursions of schools in the plant, we visit schools to share our experience on the environmentally friendly manufacturing process.