Chemical composition of limestone determines its practical use. Most widely used in the manufacturing of construction materials – cement and lime, as well as in agriculture – for reduction of soil acidity. It is used also in sugar production for purification of beet juice, in chemical production, making of soda, calcium carbide and fertilizers. Used also as additive in glass manufacturing to improve thermal and chemical resistance of the glass. 

SCHWENK limestone is obtained in the Latvian largest limestone quarry Kūmas, Novadnieku parish, Saldus municipality. Used in the manufacturing of cement and soil liming material SCHWENK Agro. 


  • Fractioned limestone for reducing soil acidity
  • Neutralizing ability expressed as equivalent of calcium carbonate CaCO3 – 96.5%
  • Ca 33.0 %, Mg 1.3%
  • Humidity 9.4 %
  • Content of particles smaller than 1 mm from 39% to 47%.