Liming the soil is the basis of its improvement.

SCHWENK Agro is a 100% natural, crushed, and sieved limestone material to neutralize soil acidity.

  • Fractioned limestone for reducing soil acidity
  • Neutralizing ability expressed as equivalent of calcium carbonate CaCO3 – 96.5%
  • Ca 33.0 %, Mg 1.3%
  • Humidity 9.4 %
  • Content of particles smaller than 1 mm from 39% to 47%.

SCHWENK Agro liming material is stored in covered warehouses, where the material is allowed to dry naturally. The material dries very quickly in dry, warm, windy weather conditions. The limestone obtained in the quarry in Kūmas is a naturally porous material, very moisture absorbent, therefore it is recommended to store under cover.

The fine particles of the SCHWENK Agro material take effect from the moment they contact the specific soil; in turn coarser particles form a natural background for future harvests. To gain the best possible return from liming the soil, it is important to consider the right application time and dosage.

SCHWENK Agro is registered with the State Plant Protection Service.