SCHWENK Latvija receives the “Golden Helmet” award for good practice

November 8, 2023

We received the 2023 labor protection good practice award “Golden Helmet” for comprehensive measures to reduce the risks of climate change in working environment. On behalf of the company, the Head of Health and Safety Department Dmitrijs Danilenko received the award.

Linda Šedlere, Member of the Board of SCHWENK Latvija, Director of Human Capital and Administration, says about receiving the award: “We are very pleased with the award and the high evaluation of the jury, considering the company’s activities in caring for the health and safety of our employees at a time when we increasingly feel the direct impact of climate change on the working environment as a result. We have been participating in the Golden Helmet good practice competition for many years, and we are happy that we can still share our experience. Improvements in the working environment in our company do not end, they are measured in several thousands every year, because that is how many reports we receive from our nearly 360 employees every year. We believe that change starts with each of us, therefore, by listening to our people and implementing their suggestions, we will be able to do the most. We are happy for all the responsible employers who implement measures in the field of labor protection and take care of the people of Latvia every day.”

Photos by the State Labour Inspectorate