SCHWENK shares its H&S experience in the campaign “Be sure that the work is safe!”

November 24, 2023

On November 21, the State Labor Inspectorate launched the informative campaign “Be sure that work is safe!”, with the help of which employers and employees are invited to pay attention to the importance of compliance with labor protection requirements, especially in sectors where the risk of accidents at work is increased.

At the opening conference of the campaign with informative and educational presentations for labor protection specialists “There is power in the team!” representatives of Vital Terminal Latvia, SCHWENK Latvija, Schneider Electric and Riga International Airport participated. They presented good practice examples of how teamwork helps companies reduce accidents at work. Linda Šedlere, a Member of the Management Board, Director of Human Capital and Administration, shared the best practice and experience of SCHWENK Latvija.

Photos by Evija Trifanova / LETA